Welcome To Our Blog! Our Mission Statement:

So - 2020! Whats up? Why you so mad? Never mind I know. 

More importantly - how are we going to rise up and meet these challenges? Let me enlighten you. This is the first blog post.

This is our brand and our mission statement:

We promote beauty in all its forms - mostly as far as it is manifested in beautiful things. Things designed by artists, made by artisans and procured by those with a multitude of aesthetics and outlooks.

We sell things of intrinsic qualities, magical items imbued with the idea that fashion is art. We can tell you why something you would wear is special, important or culturally significant. Happy to discuss  the receipts that add up to why something is priced so dear. 

We deal in fantasy and inspiration. We exist to draw attention to vintage clothing as art, as a sustainable commodity and as a gateway to place of love and acceptance to every tribe and every creed.

We appreciate and serve all who come to us in peace and with good intentions. We strive to uplift and encourage all to be brave and express their true selves. We are committed to helping those who desire to climb higher to achieve a wholeness of being - so that your outsides more closely resemble your insides.

This is who we are and what we do. This is our contribution to healing a sad planet. Let us dress your world. 

We love -period.

To that end - here is our blog. We have words to say, ideas to disseminate and hopefully opinions to be heard that will be received in the spirit that they are offered - with respect and a longing to be heard and understood. Just like all living things.



Sarah Bergman, Manager The Way We Wore.

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