A Brief History of the Independence of Self Expression Through Fashion

 Don't get us wrong: the 4th of July is definitely all about pool parties, BBQs, and hanging with the family. Going through our inventory for some fun Independence Day-related pieces, though, got us thinking about the value of the freedom of self-expression through clothing, and how it has evolved over the last 50+ years.
(American Flag Dress)
Fashion is one of the most crucial elements of...

~Swimsuit Season~

It's officially summer and it sure feels like it here in Los Angeles! We hope everyone is getting to enjoy some healthy sun and maybe even make it to the beach or poolside? In the midst of  bathing suit season we can't help but reflect on the ever transitioning history of the modern swimsuit over time. Our collection is a strong representation of so many cute styles from the last century with a wide range of unique of prints, fabrics and cuts; here are just a few! 

Accessorizing for Summer!

During these warm and humid summer months, probably the last thing on your mind when it comes to accessorizing is scarves. These silky and vibrant accoutrements, however, have a long history dating all the way back to Egypt's Queen Nefertiti in 1350 B.C.! In the thousands of years since, scarves have evolved and rotated between function and fashion. 
From signifying military distinction in 230 B.C. China, to functioning quite literally as a sweat cloth in ancient Rome, to being popularized...

LA Frock Stars Throw Back: Paper Dresses!

What began as a marketing gimmick popularized by Scott Paper Company in the 1960s has become one of the more collectible items from fashion history. Intended to promote disposable cellulose fabric, paper clothing with mod prints and even Warhol-esque patterns (such as the iconic Cambell’s Soup print) flooded US stores. Joseph Magnin department stores featured “News Stand” boutiques to sell the dresses at just about $8 a pop.
The paper dresses ushered in a new era of DIY-fashion. Just as the public was getting used to...

China: Through Doris' Looking Glass

Perhaps the most exciting fashion event of the year that bridges the gap between the art world, fashion world, and entertainment world, is the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Met Gala. With more than 60 years' worth of exhibitions featuring whimsical themes ranging from Le Belle Époque (1982) to Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy (2008), we all wait in eager anticipation of the upcoming year’s fundraising event.

This year’s theme is China: Through the Looking Glass. Highlighting China’s lasting influence on Western fashion, the exhibition features gowns from designers such as John Galliano and Jean Paul Gaultier, as well as the fine art...