Decade Spotlight: Fashion In The 1990s

At the end of the 1980s, Geoffrey Beene predicted the future of fashion in anticipation of the millennium:

“There will be a backlash against overdressing and ostentation. Economic conditions will change things, clothes will have to work for life.”

Whoever hedged their bets in favor of Beene’s prediction enjoyed a victory in the 90s. The decade was a turning point for the world of fashion; not only in silhouette and style, but in how fashion was presented and consumed.

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Costume Design Spotlight: Lou Eyrich & American Horror Story

One of the great thrills of the day-to-day excitement in The Way We Wore is the opportunity to work with award-winning costume designers. Emmy Award-winner Lou Eyrich (“Glee”, “American Horror Story”, “Scream Queens”) has become a member of our extremely talented extended family, helping to craft and mold some of television’s most memorable and beloved characters.

Lou is a woman who lives and breathes her art, and we can’t help but to get swept away with the fantasies she’s creating every time she walks through our door. From the sweet and precious characters on “Glee”...

Fall Haul!

We've got so much fun stuff for Autumn! Here's a selection of great pieces which are available online as well as in-store! Head on over to the store to see more stellar layers!


Spotlight: Native American Jewelry

A common thread in the vintage community is that we’re drawn to the garments because they tell a story: the silhouette, fabric, print, and embellishments are indicative of how people lived before us. Vintage clothing tells us about the ebb and flow of culture and politics, and how people desired to express themselves.

In the same vein, much of the vintage community is drawn to Native American jewelry. The pieces are hand-crafted by Native American artists for the purpose of adornment, ceremony, display, and trade. Historically, different Native American tribes used adornment...

Sporty Chic

We could spend days and days poring over this season's couture collections: what's not to love?! Fortunately for us, we've been lucky enough to have some jaw-dropping couture pieces of our own in the boutique. When I was scanning our racks of gowns, I got to thinking about the fantasy inspired by all of this incredible vintage fashion. As a fairly normal L.A. girl, it's not often I get the opportunity to wear formal gowns (let alone couture), well, ever. Combined with the sporty-chic trend that's been gaining momentum over the last few seasons (Nike Air Max's with Dior, anyone?),...