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Kiki's Paris - Shades of Yesterday's French Fashion Still Relevant Today

In all the years I’ve been buying, selling and collecting vintage, fashion styles have come and gone, but I’ve always been drawn to French fashion from the 1920s and 30s. Was it a wonderful past life during that time or perhaps a book or movie that had a deep impact on my psyche? Or was I just attracted to the incredible aesthetics and quality of clothing and accessories from that era? I wouldn’t be lying if I said I believe it’s probably a combination of all three reasons. The wonderful connecting thread is, usually, the best pieces that I come across from this era are French. Classic beaded 1920s flapper dress, robes de style, bias cut dresses, gowns and haute couture are fashion’s gifts coming from a country that also gave the world some of the best in avant-garde literature, painting, photography and theatre. All this beauty and culture coming from a place that a century ago was in the middle of a world war. I’m often asked what my favorite period is and I would say 1920s glamour and most specifically the period between 1924-1932 which captures an amazing moment in history on so many levels. Fashion in the 1920s was a time when design continued to go through a major transition and women started to dress aware of their sexuality and sensuality. Thank goodness!!

Many of the items I picked for my first post in this new "Curator's Corner" column are made with luxurious French lamé. There’s something almost ethereal about the feel and the weight of the lamés that cannot be duplicated today--even with the advancements in modern technology. I always have a visceral reaction when I’m fortunate enough to come across a well cared-for dress, cape, coat or shawl and I get drawn into the artistic spirit of the actual fabric. The next thing I focus on after the fabric is, I take time to notice the style plus any attention detail that almost all of these French fashion survivors have. These designs are still relevant today and many contemporary designers are still inspired by the silhouettes.

The Way We Wore has a pretty large selection of these nearly 100-year-old beauties, so if your heart also skips a beat with treasures like these and you want to add significant value to your personal collection, please email us for additional images of other items we currently have in stock and we’ll be happy to provide you with photos. Have fun with the way you dress!!

Happy holidays!


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