Costume Design Spotlight: Lou Eyrich & American Horror Story

One of the great thrills of the day-to-day excitement in The Way We Wore is the opportunity to work with award-winning costume designers. Emmy Award-winner Lou Eyrich (“Glee”, “American Horror Story”, “Scream Queens”) has become a member of our extremely talented extended family, helping to craft and mold some of television’s most memorable and beloved characters.

Lou is a woman who lives and breathes her art, and we can’t help but to get swept away with the fantasies she’s creating every time she walks through our door. From the sweet and precious characters on “Glee” to the fantastical and twisted looks on “American Horror Story”, Lou nails it every time (it’s no wonder--just check out her own red carpet looks!).

Wednesday marked the premiere of the highly anticipated 5th season of AHS: Hotel, starring another TWWW fav, Lady Gaga. We’re all in agreement that Lady Gaga’s chameleon sensibility is the perfect fit for AHS’ fantasy-spinning tales, so we’ve been super eager to see how Lou would build Gaga’s look as the enchanting Countess.

Not surprisingly, Doris provided an amazing selection of outrageous gowns, jewelry, and accessories to help Lou build an arsenal of sensational looks for the AHS cast, namely Lady Gaga. Entertainment Weekly gave us an exciting sneak peek of LG as the Countess, dressed in a vintage black lace Lagerfeld gown from yours truly!


With a fabulous Downtown LA deco building as the backdrop for AHS: Hotel, we had fun watching Lou build the vibe of each character: from Lady Gaga’s twist on old Hollywood glamour to Sarah Paulson’s seedy rock n’ roll looks, each cast member is distinct and unique.

Our job is to help costume designers like Lou make their vision a reality: television and film productions create an opportunity to think outside box with vintage clothing, and we always aim to deliver! When costume designers come to the boutique, the challenge is in sticking to the specific guidelines and characteristics called for by the script, while also being adaptable to changes in direction as the production goes on. Each gown or hat or piece of jewelry has its own personality and purpose, and part of the fun is watching them come to life on the screen!

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