Moschino Capsule Collection - Up Close! Part Two!

Perhaps one of the most incredible elements of Moschino's work is how visceral and sometimes interactive the garments can be! For example, the "I Don't Give A Chic" blazer is a highlight--it's like wearing a beautifully tailored page straight from Moschino's sketchbook.


I Don't Give A Chic Blazer
Venice Dress with Jacket
The Eyes Dress
The Eyes Blazer
Stripes and Flowers Bustle
One of our favorite pieces is the "Millennium" dress. We all remember the Y2K frenzy: conspiracy theories about the world ending, angst and anxiety, and the general excitement of a new millennium. Moschino addressed all of the in one dress, compiling a full check-box list of emotions and providing you with a velcro tick box to move around the dress--depending, of course, on how you feel about the year 2000!
Millennium Dress
This Is Not A Moschino Jacket
Peace Sign Dress
Moshcino's work is driven by bold embroidery and tactile appliqués that make both the person wearing the garment and whoever else is around it feel like they are a part of the overall message. 

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