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What a intriguing legacy left behind by the former model whose Estate Doris and Sarah found themselves knee deep into on the last episode of L.A. Frock Stars! The Dog and Pony for those boxes was indeed one of the most exciting to be around for and we just wanted to share some of our favorite or unique pieces that maybe weren't caught in the episode!
This beautiful Jack McConnell felted hat
This was a woman of accessories: unnamed large plastic bow barette, Lanvin turban and Walter Steiger mesh slingbacks
Halston beaded gown; unnamed fur coat
Judith Lieber in every color...
Just a few more of our many exquisite Jack McConnell hats!
Many more of everything in the store so come check us out!

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  • Loving your website! Thank you for the fantastic images of this amazing work xox

    • Ani O'Neill