Frock Star fans!

What has struck you so far in the show? Do you have a lingering question about a piece you saw in an episode? Are you wondering what Doris' favorite designer or era is? Join us to get the answers!

Our very own Doris Raymond will be hosting a live Q&A session on the L.A.Frock Stars Facebook this coming Monday at 2PM Eastern / 11AM PST. Don't miss this great opportunity! 




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  • I’m a big fan of the show and I’m heartbroken that it’s not on anymore. I do have a question about season 1 episode 1. Doris put two beautiful gowns aside for Dita Von Teese. The main one was that beautiful Dior gown but my question is who designed the other gown, the sexier one that had a “shelf” I love that one and for the life of me, I can’t remember the designer.

    Thanks so much!!!!!


    • Cheryl
  • Imrsepsive brain power at work! Great answer!

    • Oanh
  • What an inspiration you are and STILL the Hardest Working Woman, now add “in show business”, yay!

    One of the most-asked questions of myself is "WWDD? which translates as “What Would Doris Do?” And a good filtering device for my store is “If Doris walked in the door RIGHT NOW would I be embarrassed to have this piece on the floor?” Another oft-heard quote is “The best I can FIND” when people tell me I have “the best stuff!”

    Oh Miss your name comes up a lot around here, then I get to name-drop and THANKS ’cause it helps keep the circling carrion-eaters at bay…Thanks too for being so good to me and letting me touch all that unbelievable beauty and gifting me regularly (and I do pass that one on because there is always More, right?)

    XOXO, OZMA (Jane)

    • OZMA Atelier
  • Doris and Co.
    Love your show.
    As a Polish-American from Chicago, I have a comment. When you pronounced Grazyna Mcduffs name on the recent episode, I was aghast! Please pronounce it correctly! It is Gra-zhy-na with accent on second syllable.

    Thank you


    • Wanda Mazurek
  • I adore your show and your shop and all the lovely people there. I collect vintage beaded bags(from the 40s thru the 60s) and being able to see the things you buy and sell is a thrill.Thank you for doing this show……

    • Cynthia