Gaelle Paul for S Magazine

We don't always get to see how our pieces ends up getting used but when we do, it's always love! As Doris would say, it's about finding that perfect match between clothing and person. For editorials especially, we love to see how pieces have been reimagined in a whole new world. Last week on L.A. Frock Stars​ we tackled a huge pull for stylist Gaelle Paul working with S Magazine! Here are some favorite images from the spread, shot by photographers Rene & Radka for the May 2014th issue. 


Gillian Jacobs, Hat and Brooches from The Way We Wore


Michelle Lynn Monaghan, Slip from The Way We Wore


Michelle Lynn Monaghan, Blouse from The Way We Wore


Gillian Jacobs, Hat & Brooches & Suit, The Way We Wore

These are just a few of our favorites from the shoot; you can check out an archive of Gaelle's work on her tumblr, and the S Magazines interactive site

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  • Thanks for showing us this,,,,,I remember when I saw the clothes chosen on the show for the shoot.
    I love this show,,,,,,,one of my very favorites,,,,,,,never miss it.
    I hope there will be lots of episodes to enjoy.
    Love the store, Doris, the staff, the clothes and accessories and all of the history behind it. Most enjoyable.
    Keep up the good work and I look forward to each week’s new episode.

    • Peggy