LA Frock Stars Season 2 Premiere!

We're beyond jazzed to share news of LA Frock Stars season 2 premiere tomorrow night!  With dazzling write-ups in both the LA Times & the New York Times, we can't wait for everyone to see what Doris and company were up to last summer!  Keep up with us on the Smithsonian Channel and come back to our blog every week for exclusive re-caps.

If you miss an episode, check back on Smithsonian Channel's TV schedule for re-runs.

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L to R:  Maryam Malakpour & Doris // Angelika tries on a 1950's ballgown // Doris waits for her close-up

L to R:  Shelly visits Joseff of Hollywood // Tina, Nikki & Angelika play with feathers // Doris researches

L to R:  Designers pull for inspiration  // Our cameraman closes-up on a Blass cocktail dress // Doris & Mia Sara


L to R:  Doris searches for American Horror Story costumes // Kyle pulls for his 1970s shoot 


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  • Came across this show by accident here in Canada. Absolutely love it!!!! Am eagerly awaiting new episodes!! Love vintage clothing & their history. Doris & her staff are so nknowledgeable. Please please please give us MORE,!!!!!!!

    • Rachel Clark
  • PS ….Pls ensure this Series is still sold to Canadian Networks!! A cup of coffee and this show for an hr….how relaxing and interesting! Again Thx LP

    • Linda Pederson
  • Just started watching the show…channel surfing:-) ( in Canada.) ….love Entertainment….so love seeing the clothes that are all part of it….. particularly all of these Vintage clothes !! (…always loved in the 30s 40s 50s!!!) And the knowledge of Doris Raymond has is just amazing/and her Team!! Most enjoyable!! Thanks LP

    • Linda Pederson
  • We don’t want to see show after show of Air Disasters or Mighty Ships! Bring back The Way We Wore! The show is colorful, and Beautifully presented by Doris and her staff. Everything old is new again – vintage clothing and jewelry ! Bring back this entertaining and interesting show – please!!!!

    • Pam Mitchell
  • Inspiring show! I’m a vintage buyer/ seller/collector who focuses on hats. I appreciate how much work it takes to keep the past alive and relevant.

    Doris I am amazed by your knowledge!

    • Kary