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Perusing the racks of TWWW is one of the many perks of my job. The tactile and visual sensation of the boutique is overwhelming (in the best way possible) on a daily basis. One day, a quilted white cotton sleeve caught my darting eye. Though monochromatic, the detail on the jacket is stunning; it’s a mixed media bounty of rope, ric rac, texture and architecture.

Designed by Krizia, the jacket represents everything I love about fashion: its whimsical, cheeky, interesting, all the while beautifully constructed and chic. A feature from W Magazine features the Italian design house  (, highlighting founder Mariuccia Mandelli’s strong opinions on design and elegance that have consistently shone in Krizia creations:

“I feel strongly that young people should experiment and try new roads and refer to the past with independence.”

Here at TWWW, we’re all about trying new things and finding your sartorial voice. The magic of vintage is discovery; learning about new designers, new techniques, and even new ways of thinking.


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  • Frankly I think that’s absluotely good stuff.

    • Shari