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My journey at TWWW began four years ago. I was a bit naive when it came to vintage, but was certainly eager to learn. Working at the boutique is like hopping on the fastrack train through vintage fashion history; it’s exhilarating, exciting, rewarding, and fun. Though there are different approaches to vintage style, the most important thing I’ve learned is that vintage is accessible.

I had gone years without a vintage piece of clothing in my closet (save for some pieces from my Mom that, now that I revisit them, are amazing--Guess printed denim ensembles, anyone?), thinking it just wasn’t-my-style. But, working with stylists, costume/fashion designers, and all of our wonderful clients everyday has shown me how dynamic a garment can be. Sure, you can throw on a 50s cotton dress and have a serious Lucille Ball moment; or, you can throw on a 50s cotton dress, a pair of Miu Miu platforms, a sun hat, and have cocktails in Palm Springs without looking like a “50s girl.”

When TWWW alum and one of LA’s rising styling stars, Kyle Blackmon, approached us with an opportunity for a spec shoot with photographer Cameron McCool, it was a no brainer. Kyle has a sharp eye and clear vision, and that always shines in his editorial work. Armed with a rack full of fab 70s selects, Kyle and Cameron churned out these sexy, modern, and gorgeous shots. Highlighting styles from iconic 70s labels such as Holly’s Harp and Halston, these photos are the perfect example of vintage being current, youthful, and beautiful.


Poolside mojito, anyone?

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