How To Shop Vintage Like Your Favorite Fashion Star

Some of fashion’s most notable, modern-day icons shop The Way We Wore for both creative inspiration and personal expression. These women, those who are always on the front lines of fashion, never cease to continue to awe and inspire us. So here, in a special report are some tips on how to shop vintage like your favorite fashion star from the team at The Way We Wore.

1. Rock Star Muse

L’Wren Scott

Like the music itself, rock style continues to evolve without forsaking its sense of regalia. Today’s female rock muse is typically drawn towards elegant clothing from the Edwardian period, 1901 – 1919. That era coincided with the flowing, sinuous organic curves of the Art Nouveau movement and left us with clothing that is body-conscious yet flowing, generally made from lightweight fabrics, expensive lace and other trims. Select items, such as a high-necked jacket makes for  a singular statement piece while an entire ensemble becomes the ideal wardrobe for a holiday at resort.

2. Designer’s Muse

Daphne Guinness

The fashion patron has not only an eye for talent, but for pieces that are truly rare and beautiful. In particular, European items from the 1920′s and 30′s, especially dresses made out of French metallic lace, or the pieces by the originators of modern-day fashion, Vionnet, Poiret, and Chanel for example, are for her highly desirable.

3. Classic Pin-Up

Dita Von Teese

Classic pin-ups and vintage lingerie go hand in hand but today’s sex kitten has evolved from Playboy bunny to 1960′s screen siren. Think leopard prints, chiffon, cinched waists and knee-length skirts. It is no secret that the classy lady keeps her surprise after all, hidden underneath.

4. Perpetual It Girl

Kate Moss

The It Girl possesses her own sense of style. She has the ability to mix colors, patterns and textures that shouldn’t work, but somehow always do. Utterly cool, her wardrobe is built upon Bohemian basics from the 70′s, usually long-sleeve print dresses, lace-up boots and anything leather with fringe.

5. Game Changer

Lady Gaga

Game Changers go for the kill with over-the-top pieces that are bright, bold and definitely noticeable. She makes fashion fun again, especially during times of creative uncertainty.  Many of her one-of-a-kind pieces come from the 1980′s, an era filled with color, excess and plenty of sharp edges.

6. Fashion Darling

Alexa Chung

Dressing to please no one but herself, today’s fashion darling has a tendency to purchase classic yet sporty items from the 1960′s and 1990′s. Hers is a casual attitude, one that is by no means terse but definitely short. Super short that is, usually paired with some kicks or killer heels – always set to go no matter where the world takes her.

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