Meet Store Manager Sarah Bergman

How did your love of vintage begin? At a very young  age from watching the silent films of Theda Bara to Faye Dunaway in Bonnie and Clyde. I was just so fascinated at how much care and thought went into dressing for any given activity, from sipping cocktails in the early afternoon to sipping cocktails after 9 p.m. Women were so much more aware of the power of beauty and the skill it took for proper presentation. I was fascinated by the need to change ones clothes at least three or four times a day. Constant dress up time! I couldn’t wait to wear tiaras and opera length gloves. I also developed a decidedly punk rock sensibility by my teen years so everything was worn with worn out cowboy boots and a leather jacket.

Where are you from originally? I was born and raised in California and have also lived in NYC and San Francisco.

How did you come to TWWW? I have been with Doris since before it even opened. I have known Doris for about 20 years and was ecstatic when she decided to open a store it LA. I was fully aware even at its inception that it was going to be a marvelous, magical place. I was going back to school to get a masters degree at the time so I thought I could spend my time between the two. Since then, beauty and love of things that sparkle, shimmer and drip with fringe and feather have eclipsed my studies! Doris has so many interests that take her all over the world that I am very proud to watch over the home front for her.

What are you coveting from the store? We have some amazing 20′s beaded dresses that are beyond beautiful. I have my eye on one…..or seven. I also am a little psycho for Western wear. A beautiful suit with the full treatment of embroidery and rhinestones just left us (it was previously owned by the country music star Jim Reeves’ wife). Platform shoes form the 40′s and the 70′s, Victorian capes and 20′s cloches are also on my list.

Favorite designers from the past: Schiaparelli and early Vivienne Westwood. I also have a weakness for  Vionnet and Balenciaga. Future gods of vintage include Margiela and McQueen.

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2 Responses to “Meet Store Manager Sarah Bergman”

  1. Collette Bonafede says:

    Sarah, Here’s to you as manager of TWWW! I know you are in your element there and YOU make it sparkle!
    I want to come see you soon!

  2. Elizabeth Ball says:

    Thanks for doing such an excellent job managing the store. I’ve always valued your advice. It’s nice to hear your story!

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