Tonight’s the Night to ‘Frock On’!

The Way We Wore’s exciting new docu-series “L.A. Frock Stars” premieres on the Smithsonian Network tonight at 8PM, and the positive buzz is already percolating!

Shelly Lyn Erdmann, Kyle Blackmon, TWWW owner Doris Raymond, and Jascmeen Bush. Not pictured, Sarah Bergman. (Photo courtesy NHNZ)

The Los Angeles Times’ Adam Tschorn gave the show a dazzling review, highlighting Doris Raymond’s “near-encyclopedic knowledge of vintage”:

“And that’s really ‘Frock Stars’’ strong suit—serving up a veritable mother lode of fashion factoids…set against the glittering backdrop of the Hollywood dream factory.”

Highlighting the star power of TWWW’s fabulous collection, the New York Times’ Neil Genzlinger said, “Through it all, the clothes themselves provide a dizzying, daffy tour of the last century…In this engaging series, the clothes really are the main attraction.”

TWWW owner Doris Raymond on the hunt for fabulous finds. Photo courtesy the Smithsonian Network.

With the premiere of “Dukes of Melrose,” Bravo’s new series chronicling Decades, Inc. owners Cameron Silver and Christos Garkinos’ Los Angeles vintage-consignment business, Hollywood Reporter’s Allison Keene notes how the two shows function as a complementary pair.

“[Both The Way We Wore and Decades] are little sartorial havens where, as Raymond’s store manager [Sarah Bergman] says, ‘Being a shopaholic is not a secret shame, but a public blessing.’”

Lynn Elber, a wonderful reporter for Newsday who spent an afternoon with us in our L.A. boutique, praises “L.A. Frock Stars’” insight into Raymond’s lifelong passion:

“’L.A. Frock Stars’ is both a fashionista’s delight and a chance to see passion at work with Raymond, who’s made finding and selling great old duds a quest for more than 30 years.”

Clea Kim March’s review for The Advocate highlights 5 Reasons to Watch L.A. Frock Stars and gives a special nod to the happy union of the Raymond, the clothes, our brilliant clients such as Dita Von Teese and Adele, and The Way We Wore’s fabulous staff.

March said, “Raymond’s fresh approach on fashion, in which she explains it in such a comforting, passionate and non-know-it-all way, makes us want to learn more.”

Finally, visit Racked L.A. for a sneak peek into the incredible “L.A. Frock Stars” premiere party that was hosted by the Smithsonian Network at LACMA on Tuesday night!

One of TWWW's favorites, Donna Huggins, attends the 'L.A. Frock Stars' premiere party at LACMA. Photo courtesy of Racked L.A.

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  1. Karen cookson says:

    Can’t wait to see! Show, and listen to what Ms Raymond has to say. I, am also a vintage boutique owner in Miami for 12 years! ARMOIRE CHI CHI.

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