L.A. Frocks Stars: A New TV Series Featuring Vintage Clothing Guru Doris Raymond

From The PR Desk:

Smithsonian Channel has greenlit the original series L.A. FROCK STARS, a window into the world of high-end vintage fashion. The six-episode unscripted series, a first for Smithsonian Channel, which is set to premiere Thursday, March 7 at 8.pm., focuses on the doyenne of Hollywood vintage, Doris Raymond, and her Los Angeles store The Way We Wore®.

Raymond is prized for her tenacity in finding hidden gems and for her encyclopedic knowledge of designer fashion. The Way We Wore® is a destination for Hollywood’s modern-day glitterati as well as high-profile stylists such as George Kotsiopoulis and celebrity stylist Jennifer Rade. Raymond has also supplied wardrobe for numerous film and television productions including Titanic, Boardwalk Empire, Casino and W.E.

L.A. FROCK STARS will offer an inside look at the quest for the perfect dress. Raymond and her colorful staff assist an endless stream of clients, all with unique needs, from Mel Ottenberg, Rihanna’s stylist on the hunt for a Grammy’s outfit to Lou Eyrich, the costume designer of Glee in search of fashions for an episode featuring songs from Phantom of the Opera.

Raymond has been buying and selling vintage clothing for over thirty years. Her boutique sells women’s fashions from the 1900’s to the ‘80’s, ranging from high profile designers to the world’s most iconic fashion figures such as Halston, Dior and more.

“Doris Raymond is an American original. Her eye for vintage fashion is respected by some of the biggest names in fashion and show business,” said David Royle, Executive Vice President, Programming and Production, Smithsonian Channel. “She not only knows how to help a star make a splash on the red carpet, she also has a gift for identifying some of the world’s most exciting and intriguing historical artifacts. The Smithsonian Institution has long maintained a collection of historical fashions, most notably the First Lady dresses. We are delighted to bring L.A. FROCK STARS to our viewers.”

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10 Responses to “L.A. Frocks Stars: A New TV Series Featuring Vintage Clothing Guru Doris Raymond”

  1. Mary Otten says:

    Love this show and everyone on it. Found it over the weekend and have my DVD set to record so I don’t miss an episode. Very interesting and entertaining!!

  2. admin says:

    Thanks Mary! We’re glad you’re enjoying it. It’s been a lot of fun for us too.

  3. Carol Lubow-McMurry says:

    OMG what a show! Brings back fond memories of working on 7th Ave NYC selling/buying (assistant) Couture Evening Wear mid 80′s-90′s. Pauline Trigere, Adele Simpson, Victor Costa, Patrick Kelly etc…I have been fortunate enough to have been in these and many of our fabulous American Designer showrooms during a time when “The Shows” were still held in showrooms.
    Thank You and my DVR.

  4. Joy Brady says:

    Wow! I absolutely LOVE this show and EVERYONE on it! I never miss an episode and am absolutely ‘in love’ with the way that the program really shows the knowledge an hard work that Doris and her staff have put into becoming passionate, consummate PROFESSIONALS. Doris clearly enjoys her work, the history, the details, etc and it shows in every way. I am not one for fan letters but I just am soooo impressed!

  5. Abbie says:

    Such a fabulous and educational show. Will there be more episodes or a season two? Keeping fingers crossed!

  6. Hi Joy. Thank you for taking the time to rite. I definitely feel like one of the most fortunate people on this planet to be involved in a business that still- after 32 years – I am having fun with. Joseph Campbell was right when he said ” follow your bliss”. Thank you so much and I hope to see you at the boutique at some point. We are still hoping for a second season, so if you are so inclined, please like us on Smithsonian Channel’s Facebook page and mentions on social media are greatly appreciated! Take are Joy. Doris

  7. Hi Abbie. Thank you for your support. We are still hoping for a second season and if you subscribe to our blog- you will definitely get notice when & if that happens. Many thanks! Doris

  8. Elizabeth says:

    I soo love your show. I’m hooked. Very educational on the subject of classic fashion. How I wish I can see the store, let alone those gorgeous Holy Grails. I live in North San Diego County.

    Warmest congratulations on such an endeavor.

    Elizabeth (as in The Queen.)

  9. Michael says:

    LA Frock Stars was everything I’ve always wanted in a fashion show and never got.

    You are all intelligent, professional and clearly love what you are doing. It is a pleasure to watch. I hope to see a Season 2.

  10. Anne McNeill says:

    I have never attended and will never attend lavish parties or ware lavish cloths but I love reading about them and looking at the cloths. I also love history and nothing traces history and tells us more about the times and places in history than clothing. I love L.A Frock Hopefully Smithsonian will continue series.

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